Midnight Blue

When I start doing my nails I usually have a vision in my head, and this time wasn't exception.  I wanted to paint a sunflower on a blue background, but my yellow polish wasn't vibrant enough so I changed my mind. Please enjoy the tutorial and don't be scared to experiment with colors. 

Start with applying base coat, and two coats of polish. I'm using La Playa by Orly.

Let the nail polish completely dry. Using White Canvas Milani Nail Art Lacquer with a precision brush start creating your design. Paint a first petal on the middle, it will help you to see how big the flower can be and then on the sides.

Paint the center of the flower. I'm using Banana Bandanna by OPI.

With a thin brush create a folds on the petal to give the flower more natural look. 

Try to paint your design so the halves are facing each other, it's more fun and makes a look complete. 


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