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Yesterday my friend and I had a nice shopping date. We visited Rhode Island's largest mall - Providence Place located in the downtown area of Providence. It's a big mall which has a lot of stores that I like and can afford. 

Many people find it intimidating, since it has a big parking lot and people often get lost. To make your experience easier you just have to remember the store you've seen when you walked in. Also the mall is oval shaped, has three floors and at one end there is Macy's and at the other - Nordstrom. It has spectacular few of Providence River, which in summer provides a great event - Waterfire.

Except stoping at a few of my favorite stores and catching up on the gossip we had other plans. Last time we met she mentioned that we should visit the cafe at Nordstrom. I've been to this Nordstrom and never saw it. After searching online I found out that there is a Nordstrom cafe which is hidden on the third floor behind baby section.  The cafe itself was quite interesting. It looked like an upscale cafeteria. You grab a tray and get in line where you see the verity of food. Since they were closing soon we had the place to ourselves.

We payed at the register and grab glasses for the water and silverware.

Then we set at the table that had the best view. Our food was brought by waitress, which we didn't expect (so I would recommend to have a few dollars for a tip).

I order  mixed lettuce, pear, goat cheese, cranberry, and candied pecans salad - it's my favorite,

and sangria. 

When you gaze out at the window between bites you see the Rhode Island State Capital. While the view was spectacular and a company was great the cafe left a lot to be desired. 

We had a great time, but I was eager to get home and review my shopping.


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