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Ah, summer. For me it's the best time of the year. It's sunny, colorful and so warm. No room for extra clothes and depression. So much to do: beach, cookouts, carnivals, romantic getaways, and before we know it, the best time of the year is gone. To stay on top of everything and have a great summer you have to remember three easy things: use sunscreen, moisturize and hydrate. It sounds very easy  but unfortunately we forget about some of the things and have to deal with consequences.

Lets start with sunscreen. I've seen so many of my friends already burned this summer.  Their excuse were:  I didn't know I would be staying this long on the sun, - my friend weren't using sunscreen, - it's ok, it will turn into nice tan in few days, if it wouldn't peel first. You can't do this, it's not good and your body doesn't appreciate it. Sunburn can be very painful and can increase the risk of skin cancer. Don't be idle, it takes just few minutes to apply a sunscreen. If you're going to the beach and planing to stay there all day, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or after going into the water. Also don't forget about small parts of the body which burn too: ears, toes, lips. Try to hide your face under a hat and stay away from the sun from 12PM till 3 PM, when it is at its highest. 
When you came back after a relaxing and fun day at the beach and have taken a shower don't forget to apply moisturizer. This is my second important essential of the summer. You can use any brand you prefer with any smell you like, however I would recommend to have something that calms and soothes your skin. Think about grapes, if its under a lot of sun in a few days it will turn into a raisin, and the same will happen to your body, you don't want to have wrinkles. I moisturize my skin every day after the shower and my skin always feel smooth and soft. 
The last but most important is hydration. The best way to hydrate your body is drinking water. I always was a juice person, and it took me a lot of effort to have a glass of water a day. The older you get the wiser you should be and learn how to take care of your body. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, which will drain your energy and make you tired. When you are sunbathing you are sweating and in order to restore your body you need to hydrate, and nothing does that better than water.

I hope you agree with my  important summer essentials. Stay healthy and enjoy the summer. 


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