Marble effect

My red nail polish was a few days old and needed an update. So I got this interesting idea from Nail It! magazine - marble nails. It requires a few nail polishes (dark and bright) and plastic wrap. If you like it read step by step below.

So as I mentioned before my nails was painted in red color - Color So Hot it Berns by OPI.

If you are doing from the beginning make sure that your first coat completely dry. Apply lighter shade all over the nail. My choice is Mod About You by OPI.

Not waiting for a nail polish to dry bunch up plastic wrap and stamp it all over the nail. You can control how much you want to show up red by pressing more onto  the nail.

Since the process a little bit messy, clean up around nails with a cotton swabs.

I felt like two colors wasn't enough, so I added a touch of gold, by painting Up Front & Personal by OPI direct to the plastic wrap and then stamp it over the nail.

Apply top coat of your choice and enjoy your nails.


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