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Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you my excitement of being on a set of Ted 2. The movie will come out in June of 2015. I might do a spoiler alert but it's very mild. This was my first time on a movie set so everything was very exiting and I will try to tell you every small detail. 

The scene was filmed in the Financial District of Boston at the Marriott Custom House which in the movie will be a court. The process started early in the morning, because the crew has to set up this big screens (sorry, not sure what is the name for it) to make sure that during the whole day they have the same lighting.

Then the extras come on the set and get their positions. The cameras takes a few shots to see how everything looks on the screen. You can stand for an hour in one spot, but they do give a breaks during the day. Since you can't leave a set they rented a restaurant near by and had breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Yes, I was extra for a few shoots but not sure or it would get in the movie. Keeping my fingers crossed.

After they make sure that everything looks great a big actors come out. For this movie it was Ted,

Mark Wahlberg, and Amanda Seyfried (couldn't catch her on camera).

When I usually watch a movie I don't think about small details but in real life it takes so much time, effort, money and a lot of people to create a scene that will be on a screen for 3 minutes or might not even get in the movie.

Also if its action movie or movie that has animation in it, there is even more work. You can see on the photos below that when there is scene with Ted first they shoot with putting a stuffed bear in front of the camera and then they replace it with a "silver ball", later they'll replace it with a CGI Ted. How fascinating is that? 

I really wanted to stay for the whole day but I had a work commitment. Well next time I will be more prepared. 

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