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Hi Everyone. Today I want to share with you the contents of my purse. When I pulled out all the stuff to take the pictures, there was a lot of trash: receipts, wrappers from candies and gums, etc. I try to keep my bag clean but once every few month it needs a good check up. I have few different purses, but for the winter/spring season I mostly use my Michael Kors satchel.

So, the contents of my purse includes:

- a matching Michael Kors Wallet (in different colors here),

- make up bag by Ted Baker (similar here),

- my electronics: never leave house without my kindle, GPS, and phone,

- gum and snacks (sometimes it's cookies, healthy bar or nuts, but who am I kidding most of the time it's candy),

- sunglasses by Mark Jacobs (similar here),

- and miscellaneous stuff: head phones, iPhone charger, hair tie, hand lotion, pen, nail file, Advil.

It doesn't looks like a lot of stuff, but it's very heavy. I usually carry with me a bottle of water as well, so my purse weighs a ton. Good thing I have to carry it just a few feet, but when I do go out like shopping or to the restaurant I try to get a smaller purse or just bring a wallet.

PS: What is your absolute necessities that you have to have in your purse?


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