Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve! The time to be holy and jolly. Me and my family usually have a dinner and then open one present each. At least we are trying to open just one. My husband always acts like a little child and bags to open one more. One year he was saying one more, one more till we opened all of them. I'm way to traditional to repeat that mistake again. I love to wake up on Christmas morning have a breakfast and then open presents. What is your Christmas Eve/Christmas Day traditions?

My friend told me a good Christmas tradition if you have kids: Buy them apron and cooks hat as the present. Let them open it on Christmas Eve and bake cookies together.  

This year I went to a cookie walk sponsored by church. I bought cookies for myself and as a present. I think it's a great idea plus a good cause. 

This was my tradition for the whole month of December: having hot cocoa/tea and cookies before bad.

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