Skiing Trip

Last week I went skiing with my family and it was awesome! I'm not a great skier... I'm an ok skier, ok who am kidding I'm just learning and I'm terrible. I went few times on the learning hill and I got very confident so I decided to go on a big mountain. Boy, that was a mistake. Thankfully to my great teacher I made it to the bottom alive. Nevertheless we had a great time. We skied, sled, used a hot tub (which helped a lot when your body is sore) and I even had a chance to have a yoga class. Best family vacation so far!

PS Do you like to ski or snowboard? 

Hat - Kbethos
Scarf - Spring Fever
Mittens - H&M, similar here
Jeans - Hollister
Boots - UGG
Coat - non branded, similar here


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