Easter/Spring Nails

Today I'm gonna show you this easy but fun nail design which is perfect for Easter. So, if you still didn't pick up Easter dress and you don't know what you are wearing at least you can make your nails dressy.

Always start with base coat. Then apply two coats of pink nail polish on every finger except ring finger. I used Mod Square by Essie. On a ring finger apply white nail polish, I used White On by Sally Hansen.

Using dotting tool (if you don't have dotting tool you can use toothpick or pen that doesn't write anymore) put five dots to create a flower. Use white nail polish for white petals on a thumb.

 Use pink nail polish to create flower petals on a ring finger.

Take a yellow nail polish and put a dot in the center of your flower. I used Banana Bandanna by OPI.

 Apply top coat and enjoy your holiday!

Happy Easter!


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