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A few months ago my little princess had a first birthday. I don't usually share my private life on the blog, so a lot of you don't even know that I had a baby. Big secret reviled. I have the sweetest, cutest and prettiest little girl. So when I began to plan her first birthday party I knew it has to be a very special one. I served lunch, but most of my attention I concentrated on Candy Bar. Obviously everyone loves dessert, especially kids. This was a first big party I through so I was a bit nervous, but at the end everything turned out great. If you are planning a party I hope that this will help.

First I started with a happy birthday banner. You can buy them on Etsy (just type "Happy Birthday Banner". They have a lot of options). I was too cheep to spend $30 on the one I liked so I just made it myself, by using supplies from JoAnn Fabric and craft store (I will be referring to it as Jo'Ann's store). I used base color paper (pink), paper for the letters (golden), letter stencils, glue (to glue letters to the base paper), ribbon, punch holl, and scissors. Let me tell you it took a lot of time, and almost cost me as much. But you can do it in any color you like so its a plus. 

I decided to make cake pops on my own. I'm happy that I did, because they turned out great and were a big hit, since a lot of people never tried them. I found the easiest recipe on Divascancook. You can decorate them with melted chocolate of any color you need. I also used golden edible stars as a decoration.

This strawberry shortcake M&M's were a great for my color team. They were special and I bought them around Easter, but maybe you can find them online.

For kids drinks I went with a pink lemonade and this fun straws.

For variety of dessert I made vanilla cupcake with pink and white frosting. Super easy and tasty. Plus if you are making a lot of desserts you can freeze cupcakes and frost them on the day of the party.

 My Jo'Ann store also had a lot of sugar decoration. So I used the flowers to decorate some of the cupcakes. 

I ordered this awesome popcorn Boxes on Etsy from ConfettiMomma Shop. They are currently not available so I'm linking option with a blue ribbon Here, but if you really set on those maybe you can write to her and see when they will be available. They came in a set of 10, so I used half for popcorn and another half for caramel rice snack.
I bought this cute place card holders in Target at dollar area, but I saw similar in Jo'Ann's store.

The best part of my candy bar was a cake, I ordered it from bakery that I used for the first time and was super nervous, but it was delicious. Since we had a lot of dessert I used  the bottom layer for the guests and saved top layer for a cake smash photo shoot. I put  Number 1 Glitter Candle  on the cake when we sang a happy birthday song.

I decorated the area with fresh flowers, balloons, stuffed toys. This rocking horse was a great sentimental touch, since it was my husband's toy. For a great photos I bought  Photo Booth Props.

I also made a "One" sign for her chair the same way that I did "Happy Birthday Eva". I ordered balloons at Party City Store. But if you don't have a close one to you, you can order the same kit online - Balloons Kit. I put her photos from her first year on repeat on our tv.
PS I hope you liked this post and if you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. 


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