New York

New York is always a good idea, don't you think? I sure think that, thats why I jumped on a first opportunity to visit the city. This wasn't my first time in a Big Apple, but I made a point to visit places I've never been before. Apart from Time Square, because doesn't matter how often you will be here, it will always look different. The energy of this city  is so strong. I have been walking all day, and needed to remind myself to eat and drink. Especially drink since we had a nice 90 degrees day. 

So as I mentioned we started on Time Square. With a cup of coffee in hand and smile on my face I was enjoying every minute. Seems like nothing change since last time I was there and at the same time signs, people, cartoon characters where different.  

We were walking straight till we hit Central Park. I had in my mind to visit it, but not in the plan. Since it was just upfront of us we got in. How happy I was that we did. First of all it was a nice to cool off in the shades of the trees and second it was so pretty there. I love the arches, fountains and lake. Skyline view was also amazing.

I want to post almost every photo I took from my trip but don't want to make this post huge. So if you are interested to know where did we go after Central Park check in next week for New York Part 2.

Dress - H&M, purchased in store, and can't find online.
Flats - Nine West
Purse - Michael Kors


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