Early bird

I had an early appointment this morning and was out of the house at 8 AM. Just to clarify I'm not a morning person, I can be if I have to, but I prefer to sleep in. Appointment ended very quickly and I had all day free, so I decided to stop in Providence for a walk. It was a gorgeous day. I love when fall is like this: warm and colorful.

I bought this tunic at H&M and still not sure if it's a top or a dress. I'm super tall, so when I wear it as a dress it's a very short one. I decided to try it on with a pants and I like how it looks. Here is a link to this look as a dress: LesiaStyle.com/NY 

Top - H&M
Pants - non branded, similar here
Shoes - Michael Kors
Purse - Celine


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