Customizable outfits (Eshakti)

Have you ever looked at a dress in the store and think that you would purchase it only if it would be a little longer, or shorter, or with a sleeves? It happens to me all the time, and if it happens to you too I have the solution! Recently I was contacted by the brand Eshakti. Their main motto is "We design. You customize". So now you can make the outfit that works just for you, and the best thing is that it's affordable.

I tried one myself and can tell you that it works perfectly. With my hight 5'11" it's hard to find a dress with a perfect length. Well it was super easy with eShakti. First I chose a dress that I liked and than the fun began.

Step 1 is size, you can choose standard size: XS, S, M, ... or a custom size, where you have to enter all your measurements. I checked the standard size chart and I was under size XS, so thats what I ordered.
Step 2 is Height. Easy, you just choose your height from drop down menu.
Step 3 is customize the style. That's where you can choose  different lengths of the sleeves and outfit in general. I went with a mid calf length and kept the pockets.
In a little over the week my perfectly custom dress was delivered. Perfect holiday outfit as easy as 1-2-3.

Dress - EShakti


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