It's New York Fashion Week and I can't be more excited. I planed to go to this event my whole life, well at least since February when my friend/fellow blogger wanted to share her ticket with me. Unfortunately we had a bad snowstorm than, so I had to decline, but promised myself that I will definitely go in September. I kept my promise!
Event of such magnitude takes a lot of preparation: booking travel and hotel, securing show's invitations. However the most important is self preparation. Designers will be showing Spring/Summer 2018 collections, but I will be showing my own style and it's little unnerving to compete with models and professional bloggers. To make me feel like a 100 % I whiten my teeth, did a self tan, mani/pedi, made sure my skin looks radiant and of course got an amazing outfits.  

Lets start with an outfit. I got the best help picking it up with Lit Boutique on Newbury street. I visit them for the first time and just had this thought in my head: Why didn't I come here sooner? Their stuff is so trendy, and you can find an outfit for a different occasion: casual, formal, cocktail party. Whatever you choose you will look perfect. I don't want to show you outfits that I got for NYFW yet, but stay tune.

I will be wearing dresses and skirts, and I was so busy for the last month that my tan start to wear off, but Luna Bronze Glow - gradual tanning moisturizer came to the rescue. It gave me a perfect tan and I feel like I just spend a week on vacation. 

I'm obsessed with my nails, and I love to do them myself, but for such an important occasion I left this task to professionals and went to Citron Spa. My nails and toes where polished to perfection, and the treatments left me feeling like I just spend couple hours on cloud Nine. Seriously though if you want to feel like a queen/king you must visit this place! 

There will be lots of photographers who will be documenting a street style, and I will be flashing my gorgeous white smile that I got with Smile Brilliant's help. To learn more about my whitening at home experience  click Here.

Ok friends, wish me good luck, and I will be back next week to report my experience! Also follow me on Instagram for live updates. 


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