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Men, you are always complaining that its hard to shop for women. I don't know why, because when I enter the store I want everything. Joking of course, but I have a few tips for you on how to choose a perfect present for a wife, girlfriend, BFF or any woman in your life.

First of all figure out your budget. Secondly play close attention to the women in your life. If every purse she owns is Tory Burch than she is in love with this brand and would love a purse from new collection. If she doesn't have preference in brands and uses make up, buy her a product that she wouldn't justify buying for herself. It's hard to choose lipstick since not every shade works for every person, but you can go with something generic, like an expensive mascara (Dior, YSL, Givenchy) or eye palette (the bigger the better, since she will definitely will be able to find a shade she likes). Hair tools will also be appreciated. I have been on a lookout for a new straightener, so hopefully my hubby will read this post (wink, wink). I linked some of the stuff I think would be a good present bellow: 

Another great option is spa service: most women will appreciate mani/pedi package. If you know that she likes massage or facial, than go for it as well!

Try to step up your game this year and give a gift that will surprise her, even if it wouldn't be a 100 % a gift she likes she will be glad you took a chance.  


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