High in the sky

I meant to post this since last September, and somehow just forget. This was my best adventure of 2017 and I couldn't not do it. Also I did a poll on my Instagram page, where I asked my followers if they would be interested in more of a lifestyle posts. The answer was positive, so here it is. 

It was my husband's idea to see Cape Cod from birds view, and he thought that I will chicken out. I'm not going to hide, I was very nervous, and wasn't sure till the last minute if I'm doing a right thing. I flied on commercial planes many times, but this was definitely different experience. My biggest fear was that the plane will be shaking the whole time, the landing will be rough and of course fear of crushing. Nothing of that happened and take off and landing was very smooth. Our pilot was very cool and he even gave my husband a chance to fly.
I knew that Cape Cod is very beautiful, but seeing a scenery from up above made me fall in love with it more. I usually share four - five photos, but overdid this time, because there are so many good ones.

We took off from Chatham Airport. They do tours on Cessna Skyhawk which holds up to three passengers, or if you feel even more adventurous Waco YMF5 Biplane for two passengers. Tours can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 55 minutes. I linked their page at the end of the post, so you can click for more information. 

I truly recommend you to try it. It was unbelievable experience that I will never forget.


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