Three way bag

In today's blog post I want to share with you my recent Amazon find - three-way bag. I originally bought it to wear as a backpack, but I have been wearing it as a crossbody, and a shoulder bag as well. Can't even decide which style I love more. 

This bag has different straps that convert it from one style to another. It comes in six colors and I was going back and force between grey and beige. Grey obviously won. The bag has zippers on the side, that you can unzip and make a bag a little bigger. I actually love how it looks when its unzipped. If you are considering buying it as a backpack option I just want to let you know that it's not that big. I can fit in there a wallet (Saffiano Leather wallet by Michael Kors), keys, lipstick, a bottle of water (0.5 l)  and nutrition bar. You can't go hiking with it, but it will hold your necessities. Overall it's a great Chloe dupe, the quality is very good and you can't beat the price. 

Sweater - H&M
Heels - ZARA
Purse - SCENTW


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