Turtleneck Dress (Holiday Look 2)

This will be a very short post since Christmas is in 5 days and this elf needs to go wrap some presents. Are you ready for the holidays?

In today's post, I want to share with you this gorgeous dress that I got from Amazon. I'm very impressed with the quality, especially for the price I paid. It comes in twelve colors and I want them all. My dress is in Apricot color, and I love how beautiful it is. I feel very presentable and stylish when I'm wearing it. 

I got this coat right before my trip to NYC last week. It was a great purchase because just like the sales lady said it kept me very warm. It has a classic cut and is on sale now, so I highly recommend. Forgot to mention downside about this coat is that lint gets on it very easily. I carry a lint brush in my purse when I wear it.  

 This dress can be a perfect dress for Christmas and it still can arrive before the holiday. So I call this outfit Holiday Look 2. If you missed Holiday Look 1 click here.

Coat - DKNY
Heels - H&M


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