Valentine's Day Restaurant

I'm not a food critic, but you shouldn't be one to be able to recommend an amazing place. This restaurant has everything: good drinks, delicious food, beautiful decor and it's a perfect spot for Valentine's Day!

I have been wanting to go to The Dorrance for years and tried to google their menu once, but since I couldn't find prices I thought it's outrageously expensive. A place that looks like that must be, right? Turns out it's more affordable than I thought. I wouldn't be able to go to dinner there every night, but it's definitely will be on my mind for special occasions. 

I went there during Providence Restaurant Week, so I had a luxury of tasting their three-course dinner, also all of the items are available on the regular menu. Pictured below are Lobster Bisque and Pork Loin. Dinner had a great presentation and tasted delicious.

We went with champagne, but I heard from my friends that bartenders are great there and make delicious drinks. So, there is a reason to come back... like I need any.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you want to have an amazing experience I highly recommend The Dorrance for your dinner. The timeless elegance of the place and delicious food will put you in a perfect holiday mood. 


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