Today I want to tell you about online subscription and personal styling service Stichfix. I learned about it on Christmas, when my husband presented me with their gift card. I already received two boxes and I want to share with you my experience, in case you would like to try it too. 

How It works. First, you fill out a style profile, where you show what things you like, and what don't, your size, price preference. Honestly, I just love sitting and splitting clothes into like and don't like groups, super fun! Then you decide either do a subscription (I went with monthly) or just do a one time try. 

What to expect.  When the box arrives you get a list of items you received. It's usually five pieces and it can be one outfit or different pieces including accessories, jewelry, and shoes (if you just want clothes you can specify that in your style profile). I went with different pieces, so they also included pictures of how to style each piece. A great thing if you ask me because a lot of people don't know how versatile clothes can be and that you can style it in different ways. 
Below you can see photos of stuff that I received in my second box. I was impressed with my stylist since everything fit great. I'm a tall person, and it's hard to shop sometimes, but the stylist did a great job, considering my long arms and legs. 

Not sure. If you don't like it, don't worry, in the box, you can find a bag, with a return label attached, so you don't have to worry about printing it. Just put everything you didn't like in the bag and drop it off at your post office.

Pros and Cons. When you receive a box you go online and answer the questions regarding each item you received. Like what you didn't like or liked, how did it fit you, what did you think about quality and price? This helps stylist to do a better job and I honestly think that each next box just getting better. For each styling box, you pay $20, it's a fair price, since they do such a good job, and private stylist would cost so much more. Stichfix can style men, women, and kids, and since most men hate shopping I think it's a great service for them as well. They give you three days to return stuff you don't want to keep, so the box can't lay around for a week waiting for your attention. If you keep all the items you get 25 % off all. 
Now I will be very honest with you, even so, I liked some of the pieces from both boxes I returned everything. I have a very specific taste and it's hard to please me, so I don't hold it against them. I'm still excited to see what will be in my next box, and March can't come fast enough. If you like shopping and styling each outfit then this service probably not for you, but if you hate going to the mall, and can't decide how to style an outfit then definitely give it a try. If you have any questions, please ask me, I would be happy to help. 
If you would like to join here is my referral link:


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