Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Venues et Fleur - flowers that last a year is definitely an upgrade to a regular bouquet. They look very elegant and would be a constant reminder of your love.
If you live in New England a gift card to WickedTulips flower Farm for a pick your own tulips event would be another great idea.

2. Birthstone Necklace by Haverhill Collection. I don't know women who wouldn't like to receive jewelry for a present. Haverhill Collection has a lot of beautiful jewelry, but I would like to stop your attention on a birthstone necklace. You can choose your mom's birthstone or include your whole family, whatever you decide on she will be very happy.
Haverhill Collection was created in 2013 in Rhode Island, so it's always a good idea to shop local.

3. Bag by Tory Burch. This one is my personal favorite. I've been a big fan of Michael Kors's bags for years, and while I still love them I really start liking Tory Burch's design, very classy. This one is a bit pricy, but since we all have a different budget I'm including it too.

4. Nail Laquer by Tom Ford. If she does her nails herself new nail polish with a beautiful spring color would be a very thoughtful idea, women simply can't have enough nail polishes. If she doesn't do her nails than a spa gift card would be another great option.
Great spas in Providence area: Citron Spa, Butter Day SpaMiniLux.

5. Mom-Daughter dresses by IvyCityCo. If you are buying a present for a mom with a young child I believe matching outfits would be a hit. IvyCityCo has the cutest mommy-daughter matching outfits so you will have plenty to choose from. Mom's dressDaughter's dress.

6. Large Brim Straw Hat by Rachel Parcel. With summer fast approaching make her feel like she is a queen of the beach with this beautiful hat.

7. MTHR Forever T-shirt. I actually linked a page with lots of cute t-shirts that would be great for moms so you can choose one that works with your mom's style.

8. Total Eye Restore Regimen by Colorescience. Let's be honest, if it's a new mom or a mom with the experience, she still has a lot of sleepless nights that resolve in under eye circles. This regimen contains under eye mask (patches), concentrate that works all night to fight aging and product that includes SPF and peach undertone to conceal imperfections. I have this regimen and I love it and I'm sure a lot of moms will appreciate it as well.

Even though there is no perfect present for mom, because the work they do is truly priceless, I hope you like my picks, and would be able to find something worthy!


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