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Where are my vegan friends? I want to introduce you to a great new place in Providence - Plant City. I had a pleasure to visit it this morning for breakfast and I'm in love. Even though I'm not vegan or even vegetarian I like to eat healthily, and always on the lookout for new places that serve tasty food. This place is so much more than I expected. Plant-based food hall includes 4 restaurants, coffee bar, and marketplace. On the lower level, they do classes and events. For example tomorrow, Friday, July 12th at 6 PM you can join  Creamy, Cheese Plant-based appetizer class with Katie Mae. For more events go to their event calendar

They have plenty of seats inside and outside, rooms are open and very spacious. I love their design very much!

For breakfast, you can choose from three bases (acai bowl, oatmeal, greek yogurt) and then topped it with three toppings of your choice.

I went with acai bowl with raspberries, blackberries, and mixed nuts. Coffee is a must for me, and their cappuccino with almond milk is out of this world. My daughter went for a chocolate chip cookie... I know, very healthy, but in my defense, she had breakfast at home.

I highly recommend this place, and I know I will be a regular guest.  Can't wait to try their lunch and dinner.


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