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I'm currently in the process of helping my friend throw a baby shower. Even though it's started with helping her get the perfect outfit for the occasion, I quickly got sucked into more. How couldn't I, when she started talking about invitations? I personally love to create cards, and I would love to do a custom card/invitation for every occasion since it gives such a personal touch.

At first, my friend was a bit hesitant to put such a big responsibility on my shoulders. She is very specific about the theme of the party, and colors, but with a bit of convincing, I won!  All I needed from her were the details of the party, style and color theme. Then I headed straight to Basic Invite - for a truly custom invitation. With tons of designs, Basic Invite can satisfy the pickiest customer.

First of all, they have almost unlimited colors. Once I selected a design I was able to change the color of each element on the card, thanks to over 180 different color options. That is what sets Basic Invite apart from any other online stationery company I've tried before.

Second, Basic Invite offers the ability to order a printed sample of the actual invitation. It definitely gave me peace of mind when I showed a final result to my friend and she loved it. That way she saw how it looked printed, how the color perfectly resembled her decor and the quality of the paper.

Third, Basic Invite is just as colorful with their envelopes as with their invitations. I was able to choose between 40 different colors of the envelopes, which made my invitation stand out even before it was opened.

Last, but not least, and it might be one of my favorite parts. Basic Invite offered an address capturing service that allowed me to share a link on social media to request friends and family's addresses. Also, they offering recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

Unfortunately, I can't share with you the final result of a baby shower invitation I worked on since it contains a lot of private information, but it looked amazing. Now my friend is taking me out for dinner, to thank me for my hard work, even though it was a piece of cake thanks to Basic Invite.  Until the end of the month, you can get 15 % off everything, just use code: 15FF51 

If by any chance you are planning a baby shower here are some links for the best invitations:

Basic Invite offers so much more than invitations. I love their stationery and note cards, and clear business cards that are a breath of fresh air into a business card's world.


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