Even though I like to dress up, lately it's been all about casual style. I drive my daughter to the school in the morning and running errands in my spare time so I need something I can throw quickly on and be out of the door in the flash. This Airlie Sweatshirt is just perfect. It's warm, fits perfect on every body style and looks great with leggings.   

Stripes give me a nautical feel, so I choose marina for a photoshoot. Needless to say that it's a perfect sweatshirt for a boat ride. However, it also comes in a lot of different colors. FatFace also has Airlie sweatshirts for men and kids, so you can rock this style as a whole family. 

I was eying this sweatshirt during each visit to FatFace store in Garden City Center and I'm happy I got it last time. What are you waiting for?

Sweatshirt - FatFace, more styles here.
Leggings - Aerie
Sneakers - Adidas 


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