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I mentioned on Instagram before that if I wouldn't be into fashion I would be a food critic. I think it's beyond cool to go to different restaurants and try their specials. With the upcoming Valentine's Day, I decided to share with you my favorite restaurants in Providence.  I know it's a bit last minute to make a reservation because they are probably all booked, but A they might have a cancelation, so it doesn't hurt to try and B you can always celebrate next weekend. If I would be quite honest I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day dinner at the restaurants because they usually have an overpriced special menu, there are tons of people and you end up either waiting for your table (even though you made a reservation) or be rushed.  

The first restaurant I want to tell you about is Gracie's, I recently discovered it and I'm a fan.  All the photos in this post are from my recent dinner there and you can tell that food looks amazing. I had a three-course dinner and everything was delicious. From the photos that I saw on their Instagram page, I was worried that portions would be too small, but it was plenty. They also kept surprising us with mini bites, which gave us an even better idea into their menu. Also if you valet your car they live the most delicious cookies, and I think that the small gesture like that is what makes a restaurant stand out the most. 

Another restaurant that would be perfect for Valentine's Day is The Dorrance. The venue looks breathtaking and the food is very tasty too. I wrote about it last year, so if you want to learn more click on the link: Valentine's Day Restaurant.

My other option is Waterman Grill, a beautiful restaurant located on the river. Do me a favor and try Grilled Octopus and Chourico, it's out of this world appetizer. Whatever you will choose I'm positive it will be tasty. 

Want a scenic view? Try Mare Rooftop, it's a year-round, fully enclosed rooftop restaurant. I was there countless times for drinks and brunch, and everything was great. Even though I didn't have dinner there my friend vouch that food is delicious. 

If you like Italian cousin Siena is a must-visit restaurant. Every time we go there my husband overeats because it's that good that he can't stop himself. I have just been to the Federal Hill location, but there is also one in East Grinvich and Smithfield.  

I don't know anyone who doesn't like sushi and Jacky's Galaxie and Sushi Bar is the place with an amazing view and delicious sushi. After dinner, you can have a nice and romantic stroll around the Providence River. 

In the heart of the Downtown of Providence, you can find delicious Korean Bistro - Mokban. I was there a couple of times and the food was delicious. 

Of course, there are so many more options in Providence, but these are the places that stood out to me the most. Hope you will find a new place and love it. 


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