The last of winter

Groundhog proclaimed early spring, so while I'm in anticipation of it, I'm still rocking boots and cape coat. Even though this winter hasn't been harsh and we had more rain than snow I'm craving warm weather already. Stores are already having spring merchandise and bright colors are making an appearance. This look will probably be my last winter look and soon I promise to share more fun spring outfits. 

If you want to know where my good taste in clothes comes from - it's from my sister. I always was obsessed with her wardrobe and was borrowing her clothes often, sometimes even without her permission. One time I borrowed her top and planned to return unnoticed, but when the elevator doors opened and I saw her instant recognition of her clothes on me you wouldn't believe the red shade of my cheeks.  Busted! She didn't make me change but promised to ask for permission first. I can't comment if I stay true to my word.  Anyway, for my birthday she sent me this gorgeous sweater dress and I love it. It's warm, classy and good quality. It's an Italian brand, purchased in Ukraine so I can't link it, but I linked similar options below. 
My cape is last year's purchase from Zara, they have an almost similar option at the store this year and it was on sale, so check it out if you like it.

Can't say enough positive things about these boots. They are so classy and the heel isn't too high which makes them comfortable. Because of the nude color, they go almost with everything. I would love to buy them in black too, but waiting till the end of the season to see if they go on sale. 

Big thank you to Anna from Fleischmann Photography for taking these photos. If you in need of a photographer for a wedding, baby announcement, engagement photos, or just to capture your family or yourself make sure to contact her! She is easy to work with and she has the ability to capture the best part of you.

Boots - Sam Edelman 
Hairband - H&M
Earrings - Chanel 


  1. Lady, you look like a Queen. Classic, sophisticated elegance, a real wonderful lady.



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