Beavertail State Park x Accademia Prosecco

I'm back! I took a long break from blogging but I'm officially back. Even though I can't promise a post every Thursday, I will do my best. 

Originally the blog was created with the idea of sharing different outfits and all things beauty, but over the years my horizon has expanded and I want to fully transition into a lifestyle blog. Think of more restaurant reviews, fun places to visit for the whole family, and must know events. I'll still provide outfit ideas to wear to all of those places because fashion is something I will always be passionate about. 

In today's post, I want to share two important things with you: a gorgeous location and a tasty drink. Let us begin with the first. I saw this spot on Instagram and knew I must visit Beavertail State Park located in Jamestown, RI. The main attraction here is a Beavertail Lighthouse, which was built in 1856 and making the entrance to Narragansett Bay. It also has a museum located in the keeper's house. The park's scenic shoreline provides a picture-perfect view and makes a perfect spot for a picnic. That's what I came here for, to enjoy a glass of prosecco and listen to waves crashing the rocks. 

I recently received a case of Accademia Prosecco Rainbow Collection and it's so pretty. Vibrant rainbow color packaging celebrates the art of Venetian glassmaking and the city's festive carnival atmosphere, the company says. The design is a symbol of pride, diversity, and hope, they add.  
I love Prosecco and this one has a fresh and light taste. I paired it with strawberries, cheese, and some pastry. 

I highly recommend grabbing a loved one, or a friend, pack a picnic and head to Beavertail State Park for a picnic.  You will thank me later! 


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